WebMagic is a versatile Cloud based platform that can enable SMBs to enterprises to cohesively function based on analytics. Cutting across the organization cohesive teams can create work streams, communicate and collaborate on specific goals.

WebMagic is a knowledge store of information for an organization. By connecting to operational data sources and organizing past observational data, teams can tap into analytics knowledge source for guidance. WebMagic has many readily available built in mechanisms to connect to a variety of industry standard sources.

WebMagic’s powerful analytics engine empowers individuals, teams and groups to personalize intelligence and insights to their day to day role, context and work function. The analytics engine has an extensive library of algorithms that crunch raw data into information, intelligence, insights and predictions real time.

WebMagic has been adopted to a variety of domains- Telecom, Retail, Supply Chain management etc.,. It enables rich visuals of the information and is intuitive in usage. Agnostic to any browser, operating system or type of device, it empowers mobile users to function any time and from anywhere.