According to a recent Gartner report- Mass marketing is no longer a long-term strategy. Mass-marketing campaigns have a 2% response rate and are on the decline. However, by 2015, digital strategies, such as social marketing, will influence at least 80% of consumers' discretionary spending.

Traditional campaign management thinking involves executing campaigns directly to the customer. Successful marketing campaigns today must target satisfying customer’s wants and needs at individual level. This is a customer-focused strategy approach that will profoundly shift traditional campaign management strategy.

As mobile triple play- voice, internet and video offers gain converts, getting the right message to your customers and prospects at the right time has become more important. Given nuances of situational decisions with peer prompting, new campaign styles are emerging such as digital and social marketing.

To win customers campaign managers have to build flexible strategies based on:

  • Continuous customer segmentation- identify segments and needs
  • Targeted campaigns that adapt with tailored messaging ‘offers’ to influence target segment customer’s emotional and decision triggers- that is relevance of the message to the issues that are important to them at the time when they are ready to act.
  • A ‘rapid response’ to evolving field situation such as competitor offers or short term shifts in segment customer preference
  • Adaptive campaign re-targeting to maximize undecided customer conversion
  • Multichannel messaging capabilities including mass media, direct mail, telemarketing and digital marketing
To win a customer’s positive decision for your companies’ services bundle in today’s competitive environment imposes on the campaign creation and management:
  • Understand customer needs and wants at an individual level
  • React quickly to competitor campaigns with compelling offers
  • Use an analytically driven ‘test and learn’ approach to strengthen your customer relationships and ROI
  • Identify and execute message and offer packages that put you ahead of your competitors

The marketer’s need to act on relevant up to date data, have flexibility for rapid responses and choices of channels, be efficient in campaign and lead management and many more. It is a daunting task which requires a reliable tool to achieve all the goals.

Vidi solution package is Savitar’s offer to this challenge.


Profitable customer relationships

Vidi’s singular mission is to: Make clients’ customer relationships fabulously more profitable. We accomplish it full suite of capabilities.

  1. Dynamic campaigns- Evolving field situations prompt continuous improvements in in-situ campaign methods
  2. Dynamic groups- Continuous cascading of dynamically managed user groups to multiple segments with multiple campaigns
  3. Segmentation- Continuous and adaptive segmentation at multiple levels of granularity
  4. Analytics- Advanced analytics platform integrated to collaboratively service an evolving campaign augmented with Market and competition intelligence
  5. Continuous campaign monitoring, reporting and more importantly tuning
  6. End to end customer management to service fulfillment
  7. Lead management, conversion management and dispositioning

Vidi’s ultimate goal is to help you acquire new customers and grow your share-of-wallet from existing customers — because that’s the quickest, most operative way to maximize your revenue and achieve greater profitability

Design differentiating, uniquely personalized campaigns

“Listening to the Customer” — Keep learning on what motivates your customers rationally or emotionally with continuous feedback in the system.

All customers are not created equal. We gather and use response data along with field intelligence to understand the segment’s dynamic nuances and communicate individually and appropriately with your customers. Supported by customer the latest technologies, across all media and channels, our programs leverage the advantages of personalization and segmentation to create relevant, revenue-generative customer relationships.

Excel in design and execution. From all forms of payment programs in retail to rewards as a profit center to rewards for time, Vidi can create and present to you the best, most current thinking in the field.

Strategize to power profitable CRM

Innovative approach to Customer management- We offer strategic counsel based on cutting-edge capabilities in research, modeling, analytics and data mining. Our smart customer management logic paired with CRM offers the best way to manage a profitable two way relationships

Customer-centric marketing- Vidi’s strategic focus is building customer-centric marketing strategies that begin with acquisition and continue with retention throughout the customer relationship lifecycle. With a multi-faceted strategic approach, profitable customer relationships are built through multiple channels for a diverse group of clients.

Customer ROI through advanced analytics and consumer research

What your customer think- Our unique approach to research on customer “touch points” with surveys, historical responses, service call records and service usage behavior gets to the heart of attitudes, influence and other key emotional drivers.

Pin pointing Campaign’s strength and weaknesses- A battery of dimensional metrics and KPIs are used to gauge the health of your campaign continuously. Particular emphasis is given to showing how a campaign is performing relative to prediction and to comparable historical campaigns.

Predictive and descriptive modeling and analytics- Our algorithms have refined the science of deriving customer behavior through the use of predictive and descriptive models. Whereas prediction of an individual rational decision is utopian, group propensities can be assessed dynamically.

Integrated single view database- Foundation of Vidi’s endeavor to provide current information at your fingertips is the integrated database that allows traversal through any view that is ‘Task at hand’ or exploration on ‘train of thought’.

Evolve and enhance customer relationships with innovative technology

Fast, flexible technology solutions. You need a technology platform that’s flexible, quick-to-market and designed to achieve your marketing goals.

Vidi’s intuitive, easy to use and guides your efforts by prompting you with information and projections that you need to design and execute a successful campaign.

Rapid implementation and integration-We provide the systems integration necessary to incorporate each of your customer touch-points into operational program execution- from mobile applications to MMS/SMS, web to social media to direct mail.

Engage customers with multi-channel creative campaigns that get results

Multi-channel capabilities- We excel at building your campaigns that bundles multiple messaging streams based on reach, segment loyalty and response, profitability.