Retail POS Business Analytics

Business analytics gives you the edge in your efforts to improve customer shopping experiences. You can use business analytics to improve retail promotions, develop key financial indicators, align corporate and store operations, and much more.

Savitarís WebMagic Retail operations embeds analytics in to daily work of each role in the retail organization- Merchandize managers, buyers, allocators, store managers, brand managers and more. Work streams created based on role and context of analysis vastly improve productivity and overall efficiency of the business system.
  • Pinpoint Consumer Buying and Behavior Trends
  • Optimize Assortment
  • Improve Merchandising Plans
  • Improve Retail Promotions
  • Align Corporate Strategy and Store Execution
  • Gain Visibility across the Supply Chain
Savitarís WebMagic Retail operations also delivers built-in collaboration to drive the exchange of information, ideas, and activities essential to effective decision-making so everyone understands and influence for the greater success of the business. Collaboration closes the loop from insight to action and enables everyone to work together, agree, decide, and act.