Retail POS Business Intelligence KPs

Savitarís WebMagic Retail Metrics is a collection of over 120 reports and dashboards, encompassing best practice retail business analytics in the areas of:

  • Channel sales performance
  • Marketing effectiveness and campaign management
  • Markdowns or Liquidation
  • Financial measurements
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer performance and analyses
  • Inventory and orders reporting

WebMagic Retail Metrics are designed to provide merchandisers, buyers, planners, allocators, store operations personnel, marketing and promotions managers, and retail executives fast time-to-value and comprehensive business insight as it happens.

Share Analytics and Improve Retail Performance

Savitar WebMagic Retail Metrics improve sales, streamline operations, increase competitive advantage and enhance customer satisfaction. WebMagic Retail Metrics connects distributed employees and value-chain partners on the company cloud platform or Savitarís cloud platform, offering industry proven insights to drive improved decisions with context based communication and collaboration.

Instant Insights, Rapid Deployment

Whether analyzing sell through for mark downs, or combining data from multiple sales channels, suppliers and distributors, WebMagic Retail Metrics empowers users to explore information from multiple data sources. It enables you to anticipate consumer demand and supply chain trends. WebMagic Retail Metrics provides a flexible, easy-to-use analytics solution that allows business experts to get the comprehensive information they need for timely and accurate decisions.