KIOSK Business Analytics

Analysts at Mintel, the consumer, product and media intelligence trend-tracker, named automated self-service as one of the biggest areas of opportunity and market potential for businesses.

From its current state, the Kiosk industry has to grow to fulfill the needs of the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors with a customer engagement solution that fits and supports sound merchandising, media, and marketing strategy. Kiosk solutions will be part of an integrated system to engage the consumer in a positive and consequential way in support to say a Brand Marketer and the Retailer.

It is imperative to know the customer from the start. For best returns and customer experience four factors need to be clearly worked out:

  1. Right Product
  2. Right Location
  3. Budget
  4. Customer Experience

WebMagic solution for Kiosks has a customer centric focus. Based on demographics and other observational data WebMagic solution helps you to plan the Kiosk business based on the four factors.

As an integrated solution, WebMagic for Kiosk enables you to run your day to day business operations such as management of Cash Flows, Inventory, Customer Trouble Tickets and Supply Chain.