Mobile & Field Operations

WebMagic FTTx Mobile Workforce Kit empowers users to connect from anywhere and at any time. It enables the organization to function at a new level of operational excellence.

Whether you are an executive on the go or a worker in the field, FTTx Mobile Workforce Kit gives you the ability to connect and perform actions. Up to date information flows from the central server from a unified database as current state of information. User can perform following actions that updates the unified database with new information:

  • Access to reports and dashboards
  • Workflow based status updates from the field
  • Route marking and sketching as part of field survey
  • Sending & receiving Email and Calendaring
  • Subscribing and receiving alerts on information sources

WebMagic FTTx Mobile Workforce Kit is built on HTML5 and Bing Maps. It works on most browsers, operating systems and device types.