Greenfield Pre-Planning

WebMagic FTTX Greenfield kit delivers a pre-planned network that has comprehensive design decision considerations to lead to an optimal network. It delivers a Pre-plan network for technology, optimizes resource requirements and summarizes financial data for investment decisions. Implementable plans are part of FTTx Brownfield kit.

  • Intelligence in business planning with Geospatial data
  • Market & location intelligence with demographic data
  • Rules based placement and routing (Least cost, Least distance and more)
    1. ROW
    2. Route weightage and avoidance
  • Design automation and seamless field communication to get things right the first time
  • Role based work portal for communication and information management
  • Continue to build on existing infrastructure with measurable business return

The outputs of the pre-planned network include:

  • Navigable pre-plan on MAP canvas with multi-layer display
    1. Placed Logical and physical elements (OLTs, Splitters, ONTs; Trench, Tube, Sub-ducts, Splices, EDFAs etc)
    2. Connectivity map Physical and Logical
    3. Capacity allocation Logical (ports) and physical (fiber)
    4. Link budget for entire network or a link
    5. Covered area, POPs, Population
    6. Existing infrastructure versus planned
  • Financial summary
    1. Bill of materials
    2. CAPEX and OPEX summary