Business Performance KPIs

Savitar Research Group brings together FTTx business performance management in one integrated package – WebMagic FTTx KPI kit.

Business Performance

Analysis capabilities built into the tool enable an entity to observe and optimize business and assets across a broad spectrum of business priorities– network performance, area coverage and conversion, CAPEX & OPEX, Cash flows, customer experience etc., always looking to financial return. This kit is specially optimized for FTTx data networks.
User friendly Web based graphical user interface that enables you to work from anywhere within the domain of your enterprise network.

Presentation & Communication

Role based access to data is naturally inherited within the security and administration of the enterprise. Context based communication is done in a few clicks. Entire organization shares the same view of integrated data. Therefore attaching rich context view, for example a map report with associated comments, to communication channels such as email eliminates confusion.
Calendar, scheduling of meetings and Email are built-in apps within the kit.

Analytical Cubes Super User

Pre-built analytic cubes enable slicing and dicing of data across domains such as marketing, finance, technology and operations. Users can perform multi-dimensional analysis or advanced filtering. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Key Performance Indicators

WebMagic FTTx KPI kit encapsulates industry’s ‘Best Practice’ key performance indicators. The KPI set is a holistic and comprehensive measure of business performance. Other KPIs specific to one’s business can be easily created within the pre-built BI cubes.

Reporting Engine

Any visualized data can be exported via the reporting engine as an image or a pdf file. Auto generated reports can be subscribed to by users and scheduled for delivery via communication channels. General alerts based on performance KPIs work on subscription service. Customized alerts can also be easily created by users.

Usability & Visualization

Consistent and easy to use interface presentation and rich visualization using Microsoft’s Silverlight enables users to create their own ’user experience’ for productivity. Map, Charts or Tables, information is organized to be presented at any depth in just a few clicks.
Dashboards, dimensional and associated report views focus users to their personalized portals for productivity.

Mobile interface is built on HTML5 and Bing Maps. It works on most browsers, operating systems and device types.

Data Integration

Pre– programmed SSIS packages simplify integration of any data source system such as found in an FTTH enterprise- EMS, BSS, OSS, ERP, many popular ones have already been integrated into WebMagic FTTx solution.