Fiber to the x (FTTX) has become the leading technology for next generation communications networks worldwide. Worldwide, telecom providers are building fiber optic networks to replace legacy copper networks. It is apparent now that only FTTX can meet the growing demand for broadband services that require delivering HD video to (and from) multiple rich end user devices- tablets, computers and television sets in a home, simultaneously. High bandwidth enterprise networks and backbone of 3G/4G networks are relying on the capacity of the FTTX technology to fulfill their needs.

Planning, designing, deploying and operationalizing FTTX networks present many challenges. These relate to technology choices as well as geographical considerations. It is imperative to reliably address these as decisions in early stages of planning process for future success of the investment.

Savitarís comprehensive and highly automated solution lets you reliably make decisions-

How strong is the business case?
How can I accurately estimate CAPEX and OPEX for a service area and build a business case on the right technology choice? Savitarís Greenfield pre-planning software allows you to plan a virtual deployed network to give accurate financial estimates to build a business case.

How do I tackle several key hurdles that erode business value such as regulatory obstacles and deployment costs?
Savitarís Brownfield operations software and Mobile & Field Operations software help you work around the key constraints and preserve business value.

How do I run my business operations efficiently?
Savitarís Brownfield operations software includes customer fulfillment, Customer Trouble Ticket System and Fault Management System. Savitarís Key Performance Indicators will enable you to keep a real time feel for the pulse of operations from anywhere at any time.

Savitarís Mobile and Field operations software enables executives on the go and field staff to communicate and collaborate from wherever and whenever. Executives can get their latest information and act on them. Field staff can execute their work flows including sketching and editing GIS layers, information or status on their mobile devices. GPS or AGPS will help position the work location easily.

  • Reports
  • Display and edit Map layers
  • Update Status