Ekaa is a cutting edge decision support platform which can be used to model, manage and analyze the business environment of a wireless telecommunications network and empower decision makers across functions and hierarchies to make optimal actionable decisions. Ekaa is the cornerstone of Savitarís Total Perspective Management philosophy.

Ekaa creates information layers which can capture all the aspects of the business environment of a wireless network. These layers can range from basic GIS information to customer experience on a network at a particular location at a particular point in time while using a specific application on a specific device. These layers are applicable to departments such as sales, marketing, finance, operations as well as to networks and ecosystems including radio access network, backhaul, devices, and applications amongst others. This gives an organization unprecedented flexibility and versatility in managing the various aspects of its business.

A client can commission information layers for everyday use or custom layers for specific uses. Access to information from these layers can be controlled for departments or hierarchies using the Ekka Total Perspective Interface.

The creation of these layers can involve inputs from the clients or client databases, Savitarís proprietary databases which contain business and market intelligence, market research such as survey results, focus group studies etc., inputs from Savitar analysts or industry experts. For example it is possible to create a layer which emulates the retail distribution network including process parameters which can be monitored continuously and improved upon. It can be used to analyze, manage and predict demand as well.

All such layers are integrated with each other and dynamically interact in response to any inputs. A change in any of the parameters linked to a layer results in changes in other linked layers and ultimately the entire system.

Ekaa architecture is ground-up, modular and dynamically integrated. The framework of Ekaa has been designed to be flexible, plug & play, innovation friendly, programmable and provide interactive layered analysis and multi layered data representation. It can handle and analyze large amounts of data from a variety of sources and can seamless assemble it into meaningful and actionable information. Using the versatile and customizable Ekaa Total Perspective Interface reduces integration time and cost as well.

Savitar provides services based on Ekaa which saves clients the cost of licensing the entire platform and procuring hardware for it. Clients can subscribe to the layer bundles provided by Savitar and can commission custom layers for solutions to specific problems. This gives the customer better control over costs as well as the flexibility to choose services that are really needed. An additional advantage is that custom layers make the solutions more persistent and can be used or deactivated depending on the requirement.

All these elements make for an unprecedented value proposition for clients of Savitar Research Group.