Customer Experience

Data services have taken off on compounded growth rates riding on rich content customers are demanding. Mobile internet has struck issues such as limitations on instantaneous capacity. Customers perceive and assign their bad experience issues to mobile internet service providers. For network service providers the compounding problem is the growing data network complexity. It is making problem diagnosis and resolution dramatically more challenging.

The customer experience problems may be specific to a location or time of use, a network element or an application. In a large network with tens of thousands of radio cell sites, each using multiple bands and carriers, and linking to hundreds of core network elements and application servers, finding the one issue underlying a problem may require analysis of Terabytes of data.

Savitarís Customer experience solution reduces the Terabytes of data into solvable customer experience problem sets using analytics. Easier identification of the root cause follows based on focused problem sets. Then, the solution enables collaboration across the organization to resolve the problem with work flows.

Further, in built prediction analytics learn to identify signatures before the problem sets happen in future.