Case Studies

Customer in this case study was a Fiber Manufacturer with assets in the field in remote areas. The terrain was hilly and the infrastructure assets were laid along the highways. There is no interconnecting fiber to the discretely laid assets. They needed a plan to utilize the existing infrastructure and offer internet connectivity to POPs (Point of Presence). The POPs were sparse and spread over several hundred square kilometers of area.

The used case required generation of an implementable network during the pre-planning stage itself with accurate cost estimates based on reliable technology. The plan had to meet the following criteria:

  • All POPs have to be covered
  • Maximal use of existing infrastructure
  • Minimize the fiber length to each POP
  • Prefer to use custom vector data for additional routing
  • Provide choice of alternative routes
Using WebMagic FTTX pre-planning software, a comprehensive pre-plan of a Greenfield network was derived in a matter of hours. The pre-plan network automatically located the optimal network element placement for OLTs, Splitters and Splices to the ONTs. The physical network- Trench, Tube, Ducts and so on were overlaid on the logical network according to the density requirement and distance of the fiber. Other criteria such as ROW, obstacles and minimizing route distances were configured for the routing algorithm.
The completed pre-plan was completely navigable and traversable on the map for distance, link budget, connectivity, cost and many other details. Finally, a complete financial picture in terms of capital and operational expenditure for the plan was generated.