Astra is a next generation planning suite of applications focused on delivering the innovation that is necessary to ensure that wireless networks are planned holistically, efficiently and accurately - now and into the future. The design decisions for ubiquitous usage networks need to incorporate elements of business planning that include finance and marketing. Astra offers wireless operators with everything they need to manage the growth of their existing network while engaging in the rollout of their3G/4G wireless networks. At SRG, we work with our customers to build better networks- better planning and better design with good business sense.

Key Features

Most advanced radio access network planner for 2G - GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 3G - CDMA/EVDO, WCDMA/HSPA and 4G - WIMAX, LTE.

  • Exploits latest and evolving technology features such as new waveforms such as OFDMA and Smart antennas techniques
  • Built for planning optimal networks keeping in view their dynamic demand on performance in operational world
  • Make technology work with your budget with year over year planned growth in interference, QOS, coverage & capacity and smooth migration in later phases
  • Manage existing network infrastructure and plan for future evolution on the same with simultaneous multi-technology performance modeling
Integrated with Marketing and Finance
  • Make technology meet your business plan with planned growth in revenue by managing subscriber growth, forecasting dynamic traffic demand and service plan choices
  • Evolve a full financial plan with confidence of operationalizing it beyond excel spreadsheets. Whether it is for a single cell site, a cluster or a region calculate the metrics of financial performance- NPV, sensitivity and many more.

Integrated Rollout Planning and Deployment of Radio Towers

  • Many truncated small decisions are made and managed at every level for rollout of a network from planning to deployment in an organization. The impact will be felt from operational business efficiency to QOS for the customer. Collectively and coherently manage this process according to your organizational needs through project plan workflows.
  • Greenfield or brownfield deployments- manage change from one place whether it is technology device or cell site specifications, financial CAPEX/OPEX values or other business plan basis.

Backhaul Planning

  • Develop a new or evolve an existing wire-line or wireless backhaul network with an integrated suite of tools within the financial budget and timeline. Exploit the suite in project planning for
    1. optimal route plan for OFC cable laying with advanced algorithms or
    2. optimal number of sites and locations for wireless backhaul or
    3. mixed mode operations

Advanced Features

  • Extreme version of Astra is capable of proto-typing virtual mobility enabled operational networks at any layer- from physical to the application. It enables a sandbox modeling of highly proprietary techniques and IP development on a near-real environment with high computational capability.
  • Most of the popular protocols (3G and 4G) and techniques (Example- smart antenna techniques, MAC scheduler types) are already inbuilt as modular methods.
  • Future usage methods of networks revolve around instantaneous and dynamic events such as user demand (QOS), smart pricing of resource bundles (quanta of data), instantaneous capacity management for improved operational efficiency and so on. Extreme Astra has been built ground up for these purposes.


Business Advantage

Make confident decisions that make sense to the context of the dynamic business plan which needs to respond to a changing market scenario

Unprecedented Accuracy

Along with our partners we bring the latest modeling capability to answer your needs

Holistic Analysis

New, Existing or migration, evaluate several options with implication to technology, finance and marketing.

Open Platform

Plug ní play architecture with open interface to allow integration with in house or preferred suite of tools


Built on latest from Microsoft platform

Built around the concept of commoditizing the value chain for giving highest value to the customer at the least TCO in HW or SW